What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation is a type of brain surgery used to improve the control of movement in patients with movement disorders. The deep brain stimulation procedure attempts to block the abnormal activity of neurons that cause debilitating neuromuscular problems. DBS iDr. Aniruddh Kulkarni disease. The goal of DBS is to help control symptoms of the condition, such as improving the control of movement, to help to provide a better quality of life.

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How is DBS done?

The procedure involves implanting thin wires with attached electrodes into specific areas of the brain. Certain parts of the brain control different parts of the body. Based on the disorder and detailed information about the patient’s symptoms, the surgical team determines where the electrodes will be placed.

The wires run from the electrodes under the skin and connect to a small pulse generator, similar to a heart pacemaker, which is placed under the skin of the chest near the collarbone. Several weeks after all implant surgeries are complete, the implanted generator is programmed and adjusted to best control symptoms.

Neurosurgical disorders take a painful toll on the body and minds of patients. Hence when they recover after treatment, they are able to experience life more fully. Some of Dr.Aniruddh Kulkarni's happy patients express their gratitude.

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